THE Gliwice MetamorPHoSES THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE CULTURAL HEIRDOM OF GLIWICE                                                   

hr. Ferdynand von Einsiedel

10.1.1775 – 23.6.1833



   He descended from an old Saxon family, which originates from the end of 13th century.

In appreciation of his big services King appointed him a mine starost for whole Silesia and decorated him with The Order Of The Red Eagle 3rd class. In his testament he made a wish to be buried on the Steelworks’ Cemetery. His funeral gathered the masses. 


  He was buried in a lovely, neo-classic tomb, which was destroyed by the explosion of hidden weapon in the period of Silesian Plebiscites (April 1922). 


   It was rebuilt in 1925 and demolished again in sixities.



Jacek Schmidt - Rocznik Muzeum w Gliwicach - nr X

"Oberschlesien im Bild"

Translation: Magi,

Gliwice 2005